3 places to enjoy a cup of chocolate in the heights

chocolate in cup

In the Mukumbari cable car systems, in Mérida; Warairarepano, in Caracas; and in Colonia Tovar, in Aragua, you can enjoy this drink piping hot.

Nothing better for the cold of January than having a delicious cup of hot chocolate, and if it is from the heights, more fun!

That is why from Puro Chocolate we give you the information of three chocolate shops to enjoy this very hot drink from the highest point of the country.

Chocolates La Mucuy

The La Mucuy chocolate house that makes fine chocolates offers visitors to the Mukumbari cable car system, in Mérida, the best hot chocolate to warm their bodies from the cold that comes from the heights.

This chocolate shop is in the Barinitas station, Local 1, and there you can enjoy its chocolates of various flavors and its original bars of milk chocolate and cardamom, dark chocolate with spices, and dark chocolate with ginger.


The Chocolatico chocolate shop, in Colonia Tovar, is located in a place from which you can enjoy from the heights of the beautiful town founded by ancient Germans together with a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

This chocolatier, located in a beautiful German-style house, also makes its own chocolate bars and pralines in different flavors.


In the Warairarepano cable car system there are several options to have a good cup of hot chocolate with a view of the city.

They can be purchased both in the kiosks arranged along the narrow boulevard of Pico El Ávila, as well as in other well-known places in the capital such as Páramo Café and Cacao Venezuela.

In the kiosks, as well as in Páramo Café and Cacao Venezuela, you can also buy delicious sweets to share.

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