3 plans with chocolate in Caracas to do this vacation


Visiting a cocoa farm and chocolate factory, making chocolate from the seed as a family, visiting four chocolate shops on a chocolate route, are some of the activities.

During these August holidays there are three ways to enjoy and learn more about cocoa and chocolate from our country, with these activities prepared for you:

Cocoa and chocolate tour

Cacao Lanaseso has planned for next Saturday, August 27, a new cocoa experience tour at its La Ribereña cocoa farm and chocolate and cocoa processing plant located in The handsome, Windward, Miranda state.

This tour starts at Plaza Venezuela, and includes round-trip transportation to El Guapo, breakfast and lunch, guided tour throughout the journey; recreational and cultural activities; chocolate tasting, biosafety and first aid protocols and photographic record.

chocolate making workshops

The Konuko chocolate shop invites two chocolate making workshops “From the seed to the bar” for these August holidays. The first, aimed at the whole family, will be held on Saturday, August 20; and the second, to children, on Friday, August 26.

It is a theoretical-practical workshop that will be directed by the chocolatier Jennifer Foster, a specialist in fine chocolates, and will be held in La Castellana.

The Marakas chocolate shop also has a chocolate making workshop for children, where they will learn how to make chocolate bars, lollipops, chocolates and truffles, scheduled for Thursday, August 18 in El Paraíso.

This workshop will be taught by the chocolatier chef Verónica Prieto and the motivational coach Rafael Suárez

Chocolate Route

Three chocolate shops from Caracas joined the Viva el Cacao organization to teach about chocolate through a Caracas chocolate route.

The tour, aimed at the whole family, will take place at the Cacao de Origen chocolate shops, located at Hacienda La Trinidad, in La Trinidad; Kakao Chocolate, in the Cultural Trasnocho, in Las Mercedes; and Cakawa, in Altamira.

"We will take you to know the best kept secrets of Venezuelan cocoa and our best chocolates."

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