+58cacao launched a line of flavored tablets throughout Venezuela


It is a special edition box that contains ten bean to bar bars made with cocoa from the east, south and center of the country.

The Venezuelan chocolate house +58cacao launched a special edition box in which it brings together chocolate bars made with cocoa from various areas of Venezuela.

This box, designed with recycled cardboard and screen printed, contains 10 bean to bar bars of 70g each, made with cocoa from the east, south and center of the country.

Also, within this presentation you can see an infographic that shows how +58cacao makes its chocolate bars.


+58cacao is a Venezuelan artisan bean to bar chocolate company with more than 5 years in the market.

Its owners belong to a family of cocoa producers from Delta Amacuro, where this fruit was grown for export to Germany.

This brand mainly uses cocoa produced in Barlovento and Paria, although, as on this occasion, it goes to different cocoa farms in other parts of the country to bring its flavor to its bars.

Currently, this chocolate shop has three lines of chocolate: the Gourmet, in which they flavor their 70% cocoa tablets with Himalayan salt, pink pepper, coffee and cardamom incrustations.

La Ímpetu, in which you find 70% cocoa tablets inlaid with chia, sarrapia and cocoa nibs.

And Origin, made up of chocolate bars with between 60% and 80% cocoa from different regions of the country.

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