6 chocolates, 6 origins and 6 brands in a special edition

Dark chocolate

These bars were made by the Venezuelan chocolate houses Sublime 9, Herencia Divina, Cacao de Origen, Urbano, Maruma and Miele's Home Made.

The Venezuelan chocolate brands bean to bar Sublime 9, Herencia Divina, Cacao de Origen, Urbano, Maruma and Miele's Home Made came together to create a case with six dark chocolate bars made with cocoa from different regions of the country.

Sublime 9 made its tablet with cocoa from La Guaira, La Guaira; Maruma with cocoa from Tucaní, Mérida; Urbano with cocoa from La Guáquira, Yaracuy; Divine Heritage with cocoa from Macuro, Sucre; Miele's Home Made with cocoa from Choroní, Aragua; and Original Cocoa with cocoa from San Cayetano, Carabobo.

"A delicious way to treat fans of good chocolate with the wide sensory spectrum of Venezuelan cocoas," the chocolate house Cacao de Origen published on its Instagram account.

While the chocolate brand Miele's Home Made highlighted on its Instagram account that these chocolates are the result of interpretive work carried out by six chocolatiers on six different cocoas produced in different areas of the country.

"Six origins worked by six different chocolatiers who seek to show the benefits of our beloved cocoa," wrote the Maruma chocolate shop on its Instagram account.

The Sublime9 chocolate tablet contains 70% La Guaira cocoa; while the one from Maruma has 70% Tucaní cocoa.

The Urbano chocolate bar has 71,5% La Guáquira cocoa, while the Herencia Divina has 73% Macuro cocoa.

The Miele's Home Made tablet has 73,5% Choroní cocoa, while the Cacao de Origen tablet has 75% San Cayetano cocoa.

This special case with six tablets of different origins and chocolatiers can be purchased at the Cacao de Origen store at Hacienda la Trinidad and Kakao in the Trasnocho.

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