Chocolate shops prepare with original designs for Christmas


Chocolate houses in Venezuela already display wrappers, chocolates and tablets with shapes, colors and designs allegorical to the holiday season on their social media accounts.

The holiday season is the season of the year in which the most chocolate is sold in the world as gifts, and many chocolate houses in the country are preparing to offer the most original allegorical designs for this occasion.

The Sander, Mantuano, Nucita, Cakawa and St. Moritz chocolate brands are already exhibiting their new flavors wrapped in original package designs to give away on this occasion and we present them to you below:

Sader Chocolatier

The Sander chocolate house has for sale some elegant boxes of chocolates adorned with a red bow and a Christmas card to give as a gift.

Mantuano Chocolatiers

This other Venezuelan chocolate house with presence in Spain, launched for this Christmas a special edition bar of 62% cocoa Sur del Lago chocolate with blueberries, wrapped in a design in which the protagonist is the parrot flower.

“We are overjoyed to be able to offer you, as every year, the new Christmas 2022 special edition. On this occasion we have chosen the Papagayo Flower that symbolizes Christmas since its shape resembles the star of Bethlehem,” the brand says in its account. Instagram.


This popular Venezuelan hazelnut and chocolate cream was also dressed up for this Christmas, and will be present in the sweet gifts of this occasion.

"You can decorate your table with it or give it as a gift, because it is so beautiful that you will not need to wrap it," refers the brand on its Instagram account.

Cakawa Chocolates

The Cakawa brand has also not missed this occasion where chocolate is in the eyes of many, and brought out some Christmas trees made with chocolate as the ideal gift.

“What if we put a PAIR OF CHOCOLATE TREES on our CHRISTMAS TABLE? And if we take them as a GIFT to the house where they invite us to DINNER? What if we put them on the desks of each worker this Christmas as someone who gives them a detail? What if we leave them in a GIFT box, under the Christmas tree or in the manger so that the children discover it and put it together like a Lego?

St. Moritz

St. Moritz chose its delicious peanut-filled chocolates to be the stars of this holiday season.

As a gift or decoration, you can buy these creamy heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in the colors that identify this occasion, green, red and gold, in an attractive bag decorated with Christmas trees.

"These sweet hearts are more than ready for you to eat them, give them away and use them as decorations this beautiful Christmas," the brand says on its Instagram account.

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