Christmas chocolate figurines parade in chocolate shops in Caracas

Chocolate houses from Caracas exhibit in their showcases little trees, scenes, Santas and chocolate births for those who seek to give special gifts at Christmas

Little trees, births, saints and scenes of chocolate parade in the windows of the main chocolate shops in the city.

The chocolate house La Praline elaborated for this occasion some three-dimensional mini nativity scenes to fill this important festivity for Venezuelans with chocolate.

As well as some small Christmas trees of different sizes and decorations, as well as funny Santas.

For its part, the Kocholatte chocolate shop made two sweet Christmas trees on this occasion: a white one decorated with chocolate hearts and a dark chocolate one decorated with M&Ms.

These little trees are accompanied by delicious chocolates filled with Nutella and dulce de leche in the form of Christmas gifts.

While the Cakawa chocolate shop devised some chocolate scenes filled with surprises to enjoy.

As well as some fun dark chocolate and white chocolate Christmas trees that you must assemble yourself.


The online chocolate shop CacaoLab demonstrated all its creativity and talent with its very original chocolates in the shape of Christmas pine trees.

“A bit of color, chocolate and Christmas for your feed today. Chocolate Pinos filled with hazelnut, pistachio, passion fruit or caramel. This is our special edition, the best way to surprise that special person and your loved ones during the most magical time of the year," this chocolate house published on its Instagram account.

They also made for this occasion some delicious hazelnut, pistachio, passion fruit or caramel chocolate bars decorated with red and red and gold Christmas trees.

Zisnella Chocolate

The Zisnella chocolate brand also did not miss this opportunity to demonstrate its creativity and brought out some delicious chocolate lollipops in the shape of Christmas trees and the famous gingerbread men.

This special edition of chocolates is dedicated to the little ones and they have a promotion where you can take a nice bag.

And for the older ones, Zisnella made a colorful box in which you will find scenes filled with chocolate.

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