The richest Oreo is back, covered with chocolate fudge

Oreo Fudge

In Venezuela you can once again enjoy the most delicious presentation of the most famous chocolate cookie in the world.

The most chocolatey presentation of the Oreo cookie, the one covered with chocolate fudge, returns to be produced in Venezuela after several years of being withdrawn from the national market.

“You asked for it and OREO Fudge is back! Your favorite cookie ever, covered in the most exquisite chocolate fudge," the transnational cookie brand published on the Instagram account in Venezuela.

The Oreo Fudge is a sweet sandwich made with two crunchy American-style chocolate cookies filled with vanilla cream and covered with the best dark chocolate.

More flavors for Venezuelans

With the return of the Oreo Fudge, this brand adds more flavors to the line of flavors that this cookie offers in the Venezuelan market.

Oreo recently released a limited edition of a vanilla cookie with Piña Colada flavored cream, which accompanied the traditional Chocolate Oreo, Vanilla Oreo, American Type Oreo and Coffee Oreo for weeks.

Likewise, during the celebration in Venezuela of the 110 years of this cookie, it was revealed that this brand will release a Christmas edition packaging in December with the typical American-type dark chocolate Oreo.

The wrappers will have allegorical designs for the season with protagonists of our most iconic natural landscapes such as Angel Falls, Ávila, the coastal sunsets and the Bridge over Lake Maracaibo.

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