These are the most original chocolate eggs in Europe

Chocolate Eggs for Easter

The most famous bean to bar chocolate houses on the European continent entertain their customers with delicious creations for Easter.

Easter is one of the celebrations, along with Christmas and Valentine's Day, where the most chocolate orders are received by chocolatiers in Europe, making it an ideal date for creating unique pieces to maintain the tradition.

And it is that the exchange of chocolate eggs at Easter is a widespread custom in European countries.

Its origin, by the Middle Ages, is related to Lent. For a long time eggs were considered meat, and could not be eaten during those 46 days, but chickens and ducks continued to lay eggs, and to preserve them, they were cooked and eaten on Easter Sunday, the day the season ended. Lent. They were also decorated and given away, especially to children.

Soon the Catholic Church began to allow eggs to be eaten during these days, but this decision did not affect this tradition; and many ways to celebrate it arose, among them, with the creation of sweet eggs to give away.

But it is at the beginning of the 1873th century, in Great Britain, that the first chocolate egg is made with molds to make holes and be able to fill them. Awarded in XNUMX to the British chocolatier family Fry, creator of the first chocolate bar.

Two years later, its first competitor, also a British chocolatier Cadbury, makes his first chocolate egg for Easter with dark chocolate and dragée fillings.

And with it, more chocolatiers from all over Europe joined in the creation of this new way of making chocolate eggs for Easter, which continues to this day with original designs that we show below:

Torrons vicens

The Catalan chocolate house Torrons Vicens created to celebrate this Easter Sunday original chocolate eggs taken from children's movies such as the minion and Mario Bros characters.

Sampaka cocoa

While the Spanish chocolate house Cacao Sampaka made some original white and dark chocolate eggs with colored Lego pieces and others painted in colors.

Chocolate Capon

For its part, the French chocolate house Chapon recreated the jungle for Easter with original animals accompanied by their chocolate eggs that can be purchased together or separately.


The Callebaut chocolate house, together with chef chocolatier Sebastián Pettersson, created an original almost real chocolate egg for Easter. He recreated a broken eggshell in which a delicious yolk-shaped chocolate can be seen inside.


While the Spanish chocolate house Utopick released some giant chocolate eggs, XL sizes, with very colorful designs.

Pralus House

For its part, the French chocolate house Maison Pralus created chickens and XXL-sized chocolate eggs for this celebration.

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