They give a diploma in Cocoa, Science and Culture in Caucagua

Cocoa Diploma

This training course is aimed at cocoa producers and is validated by the Simón Rodríguez University, among other institutions.

This Wednesday the Cocoa, Science and Culture diploma course for producers and Extension Brigades of Caucagua, Acevedo municipality of Miranda state, began, the government of Miranda state reported in a press release.

This course is made up of 14 modules each dedicated to different topics; from the recognition of the genetics of Barloventeño, Carenero Superior and Mirandino Criollo cocoa, to how to work cocoa and protect it.

It also includes the various agronomic processes, post-harvest, marketing, cost structures and farm administration.

The Secretary of Food of the Government of Miranda, Miguel Marín, reported that there will be a module to develop the methodology and knowledge of artisanal and industrial processing skills.

“It will be taught to 50 people, including producers and teams from the rural extension brigades, as part of the training for this sector since it is an educational tool,” he said.

He also highlighted that the training is validated by the Simón Rodríguez University, the Foundation for the Technical Unification of Research, Training and Extensionism (Uticex) and the Agricultural Development Corporation of the Government.

Classes will be in person with a field visit and will end the first week of December.

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