Venezuela exports cocoa from Caripito to Russia for the first time 

Cocoa from Caripito

The Venezuelan-Russian Chamber of Economic Cooperation has been working since 2021 to position this item in the Russian market.

Russia received for the first time a shipment of F2 cocoa beans of Caripito origin, a variety recognized for its quality inside and outside Venezuela, and for setting four Guinness world records with the chocolate of a famous brand .

This bean, which arrived in Moscow at the beginning of May, joins other origins of Venezuelan cocoa that are exported to the Eurasian country with the support of the Chamber of Venezuelan-Russian Economic Cooperation (Caverus), which since 2021 has been making efforts to position this item in the Russian market for the benefit of the Venezuelan cocoa farmer and especially that of the Monagas state, informs a press release. 

In 2022 Caverus was part of the organizer of the I Festival of Venezuelan Cocoa and Chocolate in Moscow, an event in which more than fifteen Russian companies linked to the production and marketing of cocoa and chocolate were invited to participate in a tasting of four types of dark bars made by the Valle Canoabo, 20/20, Cocoa and Mantoro chocolatiers from Carabo.

"We are making great efforts so that Russian companies, large corporations in this country, know the quality of these products to increase non-traditional exports from Venezuela," said the director of the Caverus Office in Moscow, Henry Manchuca, at this event.

Russia registered the purchase of 2021 million dollars in cocoa beans in 208, thus ranking as the 13th importer of this item in the world, and an attractive market for Venezuelan cocoa such as Monagas. Every day there are more chocolatiers Russians who value the quality and origin of this grain produced in our country. 

Cocoa from Caripito, the one with the Guinness Record

Caripito cocoa is one of the few varieties of this fruit in the country that has a Protected Geographical Indication, a certificate granted by the Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property (SAPI) that guarantees the quality of the procedures, aroma and flavor of this bean.

This variety, which is of the Trinidadian type, has been cultivated in these Monaguan lands for more than 300 years and stands out for its strong flavor of cocoa, red, black and dry fruits; as well as for its soft notes of malt and wood, for its aroma of cocoa, ripe fermented fruits and notes of tobacco. 

With these cacao Venezuela has achieved four Guinness Records; the most recent in 2022, where more than 4 chocolate bars were made by the Chocopito brand with this grain to achieve the longest line of tablets in the world.

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