Open call for regional bean to bar bar awards

International Chocolate Awards

In this International Chocolate Awards contest, artisan chocolatiers from the south, center and north of the American continent compete.

One of the most important regional contests in the American continent, the International Chocolate Awards, announced the start of registrations to participate in the 2023 competition.

“One of our biggest regional competitions is now open! From North America to Central America to South America, we invite all bean-to-bar chocolate makers and artisan chocolatiers to participate in our bean-to-bar and artisan chocolatiers of the Americas contest. Chocolate awards on his Instagram account.

Organized in New York, United States, this competition will remotely evaluate bean to bar chocolate bars, allowing the widest range of experienced judges from countries in the region to be included.

The International Chocolate Awards are an independent competition that recognizes excellence in the manufacture of fine chocolate bars and products, with the aim of supporting the companies and chocolatiers that produce them.

In the last competition, the Venezuelan bean to bar chocolate brands Franceschi, Herencia Divina and 20/20 obtained acknowledgments.

For the 2023 competition, chocolatiers and artisan chocolate brands from across the continent will be able to submit their application now, while samples must be delivered between April 25 and May 12. Online registration will close on May 10.

Likewise, they inform that for this contest, in which all the participants will be consulted for the the origin of the cocoa used for dark and milk chocolate, the following elaborations made with cocoa may participate:

  • natural/origin bean-to-bar chocolates
  • filled chocolates
  • ganache
  • chocolates
  • candies
  • jellies
  • fruit pate
  • covered fruits and nuts
  • spreads made with topping
  • flavored chocolate bars made with couverture
  • cocoa butter
  • cocoa powder

The International Chocolate Awards were founded in 2012 and are run by a group of independent partners based in the UK, Italy and USA with years of experience tasting and evaluating chocolate and organizing chocolate related events. fine.

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  • Hello, we are a brand of artisan chocolate Bean to bar, we want to participate as we do to register in the contest, greetings from Venezuela.

    • Hello Alexander, in the Instagram account of this competition (which you can see inside the note) there are links and all the information for it. I'm sure they will do very well ;)

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