Open call for the National Chocolate Contest in Venezuela

National Chocolate Contest in Venezuela

The governor of the state of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, summoned all the chocolatiers in the country to participate in this competition.

The Miranda state government opened the inscriptions to participate in the National Venezuelan Chocolate Contest.

This competition will take place during the Expoferia Cacao y Ron Miranda 2022, which will take place on July 13 in the Bolívar Park spaces, located in La Carlota, Caracas.

Chocolatiers interested in participating should contact the following telephone numbers: 04120877180 – 04142172023 or email [email protected].

“We have the best cocoa, we have the most exquisite chocolates… So we invite each and every chocolate maker in Venezuela to participate in the Expo Cacao y Ron, Miranda 2022!!!, Governor Rodríguez wrote on his social networks together with the announcement of the contest.

cocoa exhibitions

This cocoa and rum expo is a new initiative of the government of Miranda to promote this fruit, one of the main items produced in Miranda lands.

Previously, it has organized other meetings, such as the Expo Fair Express yourself with 100% Mirandino Chocolate, which was held for four days in the spaces of the fair level of the Sambil Shopping Center.

In this exhibition, more than 12 microentrepreneurs presented to visitors the variety of products in terms of confectioneries and desserts made with the entity's cocoa.

The Miranda Chapter National Cocoa Congress was another event to promote cocoa.

In this event, more than 80 cocoa producers and spokespersons from the six municipalities of the Barlovento region participated to build a workable route to strengthen and protect cocoa production, as well as the commercial transformation of the by-products of this fruit.

It was carried out in the facilities of the Territorial Polytechnic University of Barlovento Argelia Laya, located in Higuerote, Brión municipality.

And the II Cocoa Fair Expo was another meeting in which 50 chocolatier entrepreneurs from the Barlovento region exhibited their products made with this item in the Río Chico parish, in the Páez municipality.

The best cocoa in the country

On the other hand, since his tenure as governor, Rodríguez reported that there are plans with the cocoa-growing communes of Miranda to accredit Miranda as the state with the best cocoa in the country.

Since 2018, the Miranda government has implemented the Miranda Cacao Plan, which seeks to increase the production, marketing, distribution, and export of this item, which occurs mainly in the Acevedo, Pedro Gual, and Buroz municipalities of Barlovento in the state of Mirandino.

The main variety of cocoa grown on these lands is the Trinitaria, a natural hybrid of Creole and Forastero, so it is of very good quality, fine flavor and aroma.

In international markets, it is marketed in fermented form as Carenero Superior.

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