Amedei Venezuela, an extra bitter and spicy chocolate


With these strong flavors on the palate, which intersect with aromatic touches of coffee and incense, the famous Italian chocolate house of fine chocolates shows the world what the cocoa of our national terroir tastes like

With 70% cocoa, this dark chocolate bar joins the cru line made by this brand. Madagascar, Jamaica, and Ecuador are the names of the other single-origin tablets that are part of this catalog.

Crude chocolates?

In the world of wine, the word cru, which refers to a single origin, is closely related to the concept of terroir where the vine is planted.

The soil, its characteristics; the climate that the area presents; the altitude of the land, its inclination; among other aspects, just as they define the final result of the wine, they do so with other crops such as cocoa.

In this way, unique flavors and aromas are obtained, being "the most immediate and wild expression of cocoa" just as Amedei describes it.

The best cocoa from Venezuela

Famous for being part of the ingredients of one of the most expensive desserts in the world, ice cream Golden Opulence, this Italian chocolate brand makes its bars with Creole and Trinitarian cocoa, mainly from South American and African countries.

One of its most awarded and best-selling Amedei dark chocolate bars is the Porcelain, made with Creole cocoa that is produced in plantations in western Venezuela, and that in melted form, the restaurant serendipity3 of New York City, adds it to his expensive ice cream.

The also Creole cocoa produced in the hacienda of the coastal town of wow, in Aragua, Venezuela, is part of this exotic dessert placed in pieces on top of it.

Amedei's raw chocolates

The flavors of the crops of some of the cocoa plantations of Ecuador, Madagascar and Jamaica are represented in the Amedei brand chocolate bars that bear their names accompanied by the word cru.

The dark chocolate bar 70% cocoa Ecuador cru or single origin is extra bitter and robust, with aromatic hints of pistachio and green tea. In Amedei they describe it as an unexpected tasting excursion.

The one of Jamaica cru, 70% cocoa, with the aroma of raw cocoa and fresh dates, it is extra bitter and wild; and described by Amedei as a chocolate with an intense flavor.

While the Madagascar cru, 70% cocoa, extra bitter and exotic, with fruity aromas with a delicate touch of menthol, is highlighted by Amedei for its complexity of aromas of fruity and toasted notes in perfect balance.

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