Araguani is a variety of criollo created by Valrhona


This French chocolate factory is a partner of the Venezuelan company Cacao San José, with which it produces this Creole-type variety in Sur del Lago to make chocolate for confectionery.

Araguani is one of the more than nine varieties of cocoa type Creole that are produced in the west of the country, and that is the author of a partnership between the French luxury chocolate company Valrhona and the Venezuelan producer Cacao San Jose, the same as franceschi Chocolate.

This variety, which is grown in Sur del Lago, expels a strong aroma and flavor of cocoa, and stands out for its unique and full-bodied notes of sweet species and wood.

Araguani, according to the chocolate shop Valrhona, was born from the will to rehabilitate and mix different traditional varieties of cocoa beans produced in different terroirs.

From this cocoa, Valrhona produces two of its best-selling single-origin products, cocoa nibs. Araguani 72% Pure Venezuela, aimed at chefs and chocolatiers, with which they can make preparations for dips, moulds, tablets, mousses, ganaches and ice creams; and the Araguani pure pasta made with 100% cocoa, to make mousses, ganaches and ice creams.

The Spanish chocolate brand Tres Martínez, added to its production line of chocolate bars one made with the Araguani variety of Venezuelan Creole cocoa. created by brand Valrhona.

Valrhona works with Venezuelan cocoa

The French chocolate house, founded in 1922 by the French chocolatier Albéric Guironnet, has been present in the cocoa plantations of Venezuela since 1990.

According to its web portal, since 1990 Valrhona has been committed to the preservation and enhancement of the diversity of Venezuelan cocoa, as evidenced by the acquisition of the El Pedregal plantation in 1992 with the aim of safeguarding a variety of cocoa in danger of extinction. : the Porcelain.

Also, since 2016, Valrhona has been working directly with Cacao San José, a family business that has grown cocoa in Venezuela since 1830 in the state of Sucre.

"Our desire to maintain the relationship is stronger than ever, despite the political and economic crisis that Venezuela is currently facing," the French chocolate shop highlights on its website.

This association led them to create in 2017 a co-financing of a new collection center in Sur del Lago, to guarantee the traceability and quality of cocoa.

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