Chuao cocoa producers are authorized to use their Denomination of Origin

Cocoa Chuao

This permit is an opportunity for cocoa farmers and the Chuao Campesino Company to directly market their fermented beans.

The Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property (SAPI) gave Chuao cocoa producers the Authorization to Use the Denomination of Origin (DO) of Chuao Cocoa, a permit that grants them the use of that name to market this item and position it internationally.

Having a Use Authorization is expressed as an opportunity for cocoa producers and the Chuao Campesino Company to directly market their fermented beans and come into contact with large markets and cocoa processors, in addition to achieving a better sustainable social organization. and sustainable, refers to a SAPI press release.

Chuao cocoa is a hybrid of the criollo and forastero type, with aroma and flavor unique in the world, which has been cultivated for about 400 years in the Chuao Valley with the same techniques used in the colony.

The seeds of the Venezuelan variety of cocoa, considered by the best chocolatiers in the world as rare and expensive, they stand out for their moderate intensity of cocoa flavor of 4 on a scale of 0 to 10, with clean citric acidity of tropical fruits, and the sweetness of black fruits such as prunes (due to the process carried out in the shade ) with a low level of astringency.

As for their aroma, these have a high level of fragrance that differentiates them from many others with floral essences such as orange, tangerines and fruity notes such as prunes. And about its texture, these have a creamy, soft and velvety sensation..

Its ancestral way of cultivation and post-harvest means that only approximately 25 tons are produced per year, making it a rare and scarce fruit for the chocolate market.

All these characteristics led SAPI to grant this cocoa variety its first Denomination of Origin certification on November 22, 2000, published in Resolution 02006, Bulletin 443, and it was renewed in November 2016.

The DO is a distinctive sign granted to a product whose quality or characteristics are due exclusively to the geographical environment of origin, including natural factors and human factors, while protecting products originating in the country or a region or locality, provided they have a quality, reputation or other characteristic attributable to its geographical origin, refers to the SAPI.

Chuao is a coastal town located in the Santiago Mariño municipality of Aragua state, with a tradition of criollo cocoa plantations of more than 400 years. This item is produced in the Chuao Rural Farm, at a north latitude of 10°29''46.8' and west longitude of 67°31''58.7'.

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