Coconut bar with chocolate, a couple that tastes like the Caribbean

Coconut Chocolate Bar

This combination, quite popular in American countries, was made famous in Venezuela by a well-known multinational brand.

The flavor of coconut and chocolate could not be better united than in a delicious bar in which the first reigns as a sweet filling and the second, in the coverage, gives it its point to show that they are the best combination.

Coconut, one of the most famous ingredients in our local sweet shop, obtained mainly from the Cocotero species; and chocolate, one of the most consumed sweets in the world, product of the seeds of the fruit of the tree of cacaoThey taste like pure Caribbean.

And it is that although some point out that the coconut comes from South Asia, others support the idea that it originates from the northeast of South America, a region in which part of the Caribbean is located, as well as part of the well-known Cocoa Belt, the place where the best cocoa is grown.

Las barras de coco de chocolate de Prestigio, Coconugs, Supercoco y Mounds

In the world candy market, there are many brands and companies that have not hesitated to mix the flavor of coconut and chocolate in a rich preparation.

One of these recipes is that of the chocolate bar filled with coconut, which multinationals such as Nestlé launched on the market under the Prestigio brand, or large corporations such as the American Hersheys brought out under the name of Mounds.

Prestigio, the chocolate bar with a creamy coconut filling, which was out of production for several years in the Venezuelan market, returned in mid-2021 in a 33-gram presentation. This rich sweet is also available in many other countries.

Mounds, which was acquired by Hershey in 1988, is a dark chocolate bar filled with sweetened coconut, available in the large US market.

As well as almond joy, also acquired by Hershey, which is a coconut-filled hazelnut milk chocolate bar.

In Mexico, the candy company of the rose has its chocolate-covered coconut candy bar that it called Coconugs, and in Colombia the candy company Super produces one that he named Supercoco.

cocougs It comes in a 28-gram presentation and is made with natural coconut.

While super coconut It comes in a presentation of squares with a 100% natural coconut center, covered with chocolate.

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