Between Bandola and Tambor, the new Cakawa collection


They are two limited edition tablets made with 71% Venezuelan cocoa to enjoy these school holidays.

The Cakawa chocolate house from Caracas released a new collection of 100% Venezuelan chocolate for these school holidays, the Enttre Bandola y Tambor, which consists of two 71% cocoa tablets.

"Reserved only for lovers of GOOD CHOCOLATE, foodies, who know how to distinguish aromas and flavors and those who are looking for a sensual experience," he posted on his Instagram account.

Cakawa is a Venezuelan company that researches, produces and markets Venezuelan fine aroma cocoa.

The purpose of this chocolate house, based in Caracas, is that its chocolate bars preserve the original aroma and flavor of the grain.

Its first collection of chocolate bars, currently sold out, was launched in 2019 and consisted of four types: one made with cocoa grown in Patanemo Bay, Carabobo state; another with grains from the Paria Peninsula, in Sucre; another with cocoa from Barlovento, Miranda; and another with grains from Sur del Lago.

At the beginning of 2022, this chocolate shop presented its second collection of chocolate bars that he called Barinas in Two Seasons and Chocolate in Two Coordinates.

And months later the collection of chocolate bars 4 Origins, 4 Chocolates, in which it offers the flavor and aroma of four varieties of cocoa produced in the same number of cocoa farms in four states of our country.

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