Bombons Blasi makes its Venezuela tablets with the Trinidadian type

Blasi Chocolates

This Catalan chocolate house describes the taste of this chocolate bar from its Origin line as having an intense taste of cocoa with an aroma and soft nuances of wood.

In the line of chocolate bars From of the Catalan chocolate house Bombons Blasi, could not miss the one made with cacao Venezuelan.

This family business, which has been in the Catalan artisanal chocolate market for more than a century, describes this bar made with cocoa 100% Trinitarian from Sierra de Perijá, Zulia state, with an intense taste of balanced cocoa, which leaves a pleasant aroma in the mouth with soft nuances of wood, fig skin and spices that characterize its personality.

In this same line of Origin, this chocolate house has released other varieties of the Venezuela tablet, such as 99% Trinitarian cocoa from our country sweetened with the sweetener stevia, for people who cannot consume sugar and are intolerant to maltitol.

As for its flavor, despite the fact that it is 99% cocoa, it gives the sensation in the mouth that it is 86%, leaving at first a very soft and refreshing point of liquorice (due to the stevia), but little by little the wood tones appear. , fig skin and spices that eliminate the liquorice flavor and leave a clean palate with an intense flavor of wild bitter cocoa.

Already sold out, this family business also released a 91% Trinitarian cocoa dark chocolate bar from Venezuela with maple syrup, which leaves a pleasant taste of roasted cocoa with soft nuances of wood, fig skin and spices in the mouth.

Blasi Chocolates

Bombons Blasi is the brand of a five-generation Catalan family business

Throughout 5 generations and 143 years of history, the Cordomí family has always made chocolate in the city of Barcelona.

From the beginning of the first generation of this family, in 1877, to the present, they have worked on their passion in different places in Barcelona.

The company is currently located at calle Alfonso XII, nº26 (Sant Gervasi).

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