They seek the Protected Geographical Indication for Carenero cocoa

Carenero Cocoa

A special commission made up of producers, chocolatiers, researchers and government officials from Miranda was reactivated to obtain this certificate.

A special commission will be in charge of the procedures that must be carried out before the Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property (SAPI) to obtain the certificate of Protected Geographical Indication for Carenero cocoa, a species typical of the Barlovento axis of Miranda state.

The Secretary of Food of the Mirandino government, and president of the commission, Miguel Marín, explained during the activation of this mission, that the Protected Geographical Indication seeks to take care of the traceability of Carenero cocoa, as well as protect its genetics and quality, reports a Press release.

In addition, he added that the search for this certificate is a job that the regional government began five years ago, but that stopped with the arrival of the covid pandemic.

“Today it is decided to resume this commission that is made up of producers, researchers, chocolatiers and various actors associated with the production chain of this item. The certification serves to demonstrate that cocoa (mirandino) has traceability, in addition to its economic, cultural and social impact," emphasized Marín.

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