Cocoa from Chuao, the favorite of chocolatiers around the world

Cocoa from Chuao

This variety is a hybrid of the Creole and foreign type, with a unique aroma and flavor in the world, which has been cultivated for about 400 years in the Chuao Valley with the same techniques of the colony.

For centuries, the cocoa produced in the wetlands of the Valle de wow, in the state of Aragua, has remained one of the favorites of chocolatiers around the world.

Its organoleptic characteristics, aroma and flavor qualities resulting from the agroclimatic condition of this area, very close to the coast, and the ancestral type of post-harvest, make it ideal for the production of the finest chocolates.

Image of a fruit of the Chuao cocoa tree from the Chapon chocolate shop.

Among its characteristics, these Chuao seeds have a moderate intensity of cocoa flavor of 4 on a scale of 0 to 10, with clean citric acidity of tropical fruits, and the sweetness of black fruits such as prunes (due to the process carried out in the shade) with a low level of astringency.

As for their aroma, these have a high level of fragrance that differentiates them from many others with floral essences such as orange, tangerines and fruity notes such as prunes. And about its texture, these have a creamy, soft and velvety sensation..

Its an ancestral way of cultivation and post-harvest means that only approximately 25 tons are produced per year, making it a rare and scarce fruit for the chocolate market.

Chocolatiers' favorite

The famous French chocolatier Maurice Bernachon He once said about the chocolate produced from the Chuao cocoa:

“The emotion that is felt when tasting a cocoa chocolate from Chuao is as great as that felt when drinking a glass of wine from Château Petrus or rather a Château Yquem”, the best wine in the world; and many chocolate houses have not hesitated to add it to their raw material, to make the best chocolates. .

The French chocolatier Chapon is one of them. And how can one be classified as one of the best in the world without having a tablet with Chuao cocoa?

Your dark chocolate bar made with these seeds Capon It is one of the most sold for its notes of hazelnuts, spicy and bitterness of red fruits. And when tasting, it is long in the mouth and its fragrance mixes aromas of dried figs and citrus.

the belgian chocolatier Marcolini He also works his finest tablets with Chuao cocoa, a variety that he describes as the rarest and most expensive.

his famous tablet Venezuela by Pierre Marcolini 72% dark chocolate, which stands out for its sweet, fruity and floral notes, is made with Chuao cocoa beans.

The Italian chocolate house sleep is another client of Chuao cocoa, which he describes as one of the most sought after by chocolate connoisseurs and fans around the world.

Domori's Chuao chocolate bar is characterized by notes of hazelnut, dulce de leche, lucuma and mamey, with a slight acidity, great sweetness and roundness.

the french chocolatier Pralus It also produces its best chocolates with cocoa from Chuao, a variety that it classifies as a rare product, because it is not widely available.

In its line of unique chocolate bars, it has two made with these seeds.

And so too the Spanish chocolatier sampaka and Italian amedei, who have worked with cocoa from Chuao to make their fine chocolate bars.

Chuao is a variety of the Trinitarian type

Although many chocolatiers call it Creole Due to its fine aroma and unique characteristics that make it the best, Chuao cocoa is a mixture of Creole and foreign cocoa, which gives rise to a variety of the Trinitarian type.

The trading company of this cocoa, Chuao Trading, points out that the self-compatibility and intercompatibility of the Creole and the foreigner originated in Chuao an F1 category hybrid, with very pronounced flavors and aromas.

Despite the fact that the first cocoa crops in these lands were exclusively criollo, due to the fact that this type was expanded by the Spanish from Sur del Lago At the end of the 400th century along the entire Venezuelan coast, the almost XNUMX years of existence of this plantation underwent natural hybridizations with the forastero type, a more resistant plant.

However, this cob has physical, aroma and flavor characteristics that are very close to Creole-type cocoa, which is why it is treated nationally and internationally as such.

Likewise, Chuao is the only variety of cocoa in Venezuela that has a Denomination of Origin, a title of geographical origin that is given to a product of proven quality and unique characteristics.

This certificate distinguishes and protects it from other similar products produced in other regions, which do not maintain the quality and production techniques that make them unique.

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    • Hello! Many chocolatiers work directly with the Chuao Peasant Company, and others with the Chuao Trading cocoa marketers, which handles all the logistics.

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