Cocoa powder for pastries, which is your favorite?

Cocoa powder for confectionery

The variety of Venezuelan brands of cocoa powder for desserts grows in Venezuela, and here we bring some that are frequently seen in supermarkets.

In our country, where every day more artisanal and industrial cocoa processors join to convert this wonderful fruit that is grown throughout the country into products to make chocolate, it is possible to obtain a growing variety of cocoa powder to prepare delicious desserts at home. chocolate flavored.

Here is a list of some of the brands of cocoa powder for confectionery that are increasingly seen in supermarkets in the country:

Royal KKO

The cocoa powder for confectionery of the brand Royal KKO It already has some time in the Venezuelan market.

In 2008, this cocoa processing factory based in Guarenas, Miranda state, created this line of desserts for the home, which is commonly found in commercial establishments in Caracas.

Kakak cocoa powder

Kakak is a brand of products made with cocoa beans from the Barlovento area of ​​Miranda state that has only been in the Venezuelan market for a short time, with a presence in Caracas.

Its main product is cocoa powder for confectionery, for chocolate drinks and other uses for the kitchen.

Savoy Nestle

The candy transnational Nestlé, through Savoy, brought out a few years ago in the country the cocoa powder for the preparation of desserts that it added to its production line for confectionery.

This brand, which has a large presence in the Venezuelan market, can be found in almost all the states of Venezuela.

Nucita cocoa powder

The brand Nucita, from the Sindoni family, has surprised in recent months with its line of confectionery products, highlighting its cocoa powder for making desserts.

La Nucita, a cocoa and hazelnut spreadable cream, is one of the most traditional sweets in Venezuela.


This new brand has broken into the national confectionery market and is beginning to be seen in different commercial establishments. Among its products, the cocoa powder for confectionery stands out

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