CacaoLab shaped its chocolate bars into macaws


This is a special edition that this chocolate house, with a presence in Mérida and Caracas, designed together with the visual artist Juan Carlos Granadillo.

The gourmet chocolate shop CacaoLab shaped its new line of chocolate bars and chocolates into polygonal macaws, which will be on sale for a limited time.

The design of this special edition was in charge of the Venezuelan visual artist born in Caracas, Juan Carlos Granadillo, famous for his polygonal works, including macaws and figures of virgins and holy characters.

These CacaoLab chocolates can be purchased in two different presentations, one in a single bar of dark chocolate in the shape of a large macaw with its wings raised sprinkled in different colors.

And the other in a box containing this bar and eight chocolates in different shapes, including circles, hearts, diamonds and cubes, painted in a wide variety of colours, mainly purple, blue and white.

The shapes and colors of CacaoLab chocolates

CacaoLab is a chocolate house that stands out for the presentation of its chocolate bars and chocolates.

Its founders are two sisters from the Mérida state, Sandra and Gabriela Picón, both architects and authors of the design of their chocolates and bonbons and boxes where they are presented, which are very minimalist in style.

The colors they use to decorate their bars and chocolates are among the most avant-garde, and the designs of their bars with reliefs and chocolates in different geometric shapes make them unique.

This chocolate house, which opened its doors in January 2020 and offers its products online in Caracas and Mérida, will continue to maintain its alliance with the artist Grillo to continue this line of chocolates together.

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