CacaoLab and Grillo Art brought Ávila to a tablet


This chocolate house teamed up again with the visual artist Juan Carlos Granadillo to give the Waraira Repano shape to a chocolate bar.

The gourmet chocolate shop with a presence in Mérida and Caracas CacaoLab and the Venezuelan visual artist Juan Carlos Granadillo joined again to bring Ávila to a chocolate bar.

“Two brands inspired by modernism, geometry, minimalism and color meet
come together in this special edition Grillo Art by Cacao Lab.

Our beautiful Ávila National Park brought to geometry by Juan Carlos Granadillo and made into chocolate by Cacao Lab, with a unique result created with identity and roots for the enjoyment of all”, says this chocolate house on its website.

CacaoLab is a chocolate house that stands out for the presentation of its chocolate bars and chocolates.

Its founders are two sisters from the Mérida state, Sandra and Gabriela Picón, both architects and authors of the design of their chocolates and bonbons and boxes where they are presented, which are very minimalist in style.

The colors they use to decorate their bars and chocolates are among the most avant-garde, and the designs of their bars with reliefs and chocolates in different geometric shapes make them unique.

This chocolate house, which opened its doors in January 2020 and offers its products online in Caracas and Mérida, has worked on several occasions with Granadillo.

Among their most recent collaborations is the design of a polygonal macaw on their chocolate bars, which they presented in a box accompanied by limited-edition chocolates of different shapes and colors.

And that of an allegorical chocolate to the golden crown of La Chinita, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the coronation of this revered Zulian virgin.

Granadillo is famous for its polygonal works, including macaws and figures of virgins and saints.

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