Camelia Tea Party and Urbano Chocolates made the “ChocolaTé”


This chocolate tablet is made with the best products from this house specialized in tea and the bean to bar chocolate maker.

The house specializing in tea from Caracas Camelia Tea Party and the bean-to-bar chocolate maker Urbano Chocolates merged the best of their products and flavors to create a unique chocolate tablet with tea, ChocolaTé.

In its recent launch on social networks, this new product already has two flavors, Lemon Pie, which is made with white chocolate and green tea, and Pink Ribbon, made with dark chocolate and green tea.

ChocolaTea Lemon Pie

The ChocolaTé Lemon Pie tablet is made with 32% cocoa white chocolate from Barlovento with incrustations of green tea strands, lemon peel, vanilla and marigold flowers.

"The magic of the infusion was the work of months by our ally Sandra Boesi from Urbano Chocolates, who carried out many tests until she achieved this result that fascinates us," Camelia Tea Party published in a post on her Instagram account to publicize this creation.

ChocolaPink Ribbon Tea

While the Pink Ribbon is a 71,5% cocoa dark chocolate tablet from La Guáquira, Yaracuy state, with infusions of the Camelia Tea Party green tea blend, raspberries and rose petals.

"The creator of this fabulous tablet is our ally Sandra Boesi from Urbano Chocolate who does magic with her hands and has incredible creativity!" Camelia Tea Party wrote in another post on her Instagram account to show off this new flavor.

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