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On its social networks, the CICPC reported the arrest of four men for the robbery of the Mis Poemas artisanal chocolate factory, located in Barlovento. The criminal investigation will be in charge of the Sixth Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Miranda state.

Officials of the municipal delegation of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC) of San José de Barlovento, arrested four men for their alleged participation in the robbery and material damage to the Mis Poemas Chocolate company, located in Barlovento.

These people were identified as Anthony Josué Ponce Berrotera, 23 years old; Omar Guillermo Machado Cubillan, active officer of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), and 27 years old; Orlando José Ávila Ramos, 43, and a 17-year-old, who, together with Alberto José Oviedo Benítez, alias Chorrito, alias Gordo Mi Pri and Renesito Junior, have yet to be fully identified and arrested; companies in the Agua Clara sector, Andrés Bello municipality, Miranda state, were whipped.

However, with the report of the robbery and attack on the Mis Poemas chocolate company, and after an investigation by the scientific police, four members of this thug gang were caught.

Robbery and attack on the assets of Mis Poemas Chocolate

Last Tuesday, July 19, the Mis Poemas chocolate company and the residence of its owner, the 84-year-old chocolatier Amanda González, were violated and their belongings were stripped.

In a statement published on social networks by González, what happened that day is disclosed:

“After spending many days of incalculable joy before and during the Cocoa and Rum Expo; meeting new enthusiastic public officials and reconnecting with other acquaintances related to cocoa producers and processors in Miranda; of receiving so much love and recognition from so many people who are in the world of chocolate today and recognize that I was part of their inspiration, and that we now share that passion; After so much happiness, today I was surprised with a distressing call that moved my little world, which is also the world of my family:

This Tuesday the 19th, at 4 in the afternoon, both my small artisan chocolate maker and my own house were brutally violated.

After subduing Mr. Robert Palacios, who is my fundamental support on the farm, they broke and stole everything that has cost us 22 years of dedication, sacrifices, love, energy, desire, passion, dedication, meticulous work and unstoppable perseverance, to achieve excellence expressed in each bar, chocolate, delicatessen, tea and also attention offered to our customers and friends.

It is very difficult to express what I feel. They left me without machinery and tools to produce; without raw material, including more than 500 kilos of already dry and fermented cocoa; more of 100 kilos of ready tea for the dispatch of orders, merchandise and materials, air conditioners and compressors, motors for all refrigerators, televisions and decoders, computers and printers, laptops, food and frozen food pantries, appliances and others.

But besides leaving me with nothing, I don't understand the cruelty, destroying everything they couldn't take, including infrastructure.

At 84 years old, I have used all the capacity I have and, even more, all my desire to continue my fight in the face of so much adversity.

Today, although I am quite ill and recovering from tonsillitis, sadness invades me and tears rule me.

But those who know me know that in my small farm there is not only my house, my chocolate maker, my plants, my flowers, my varieties of peppers, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, mangoes, avocado, there is also my story, my journey, finally, my own life.

So now we just have to rise up, rise from the ashes and reinvent a new story."

The active CICPC

According to information from the CICPC, the detained persons, and the others to be identified and captured, subdued on July 19 security personnel and employees of the Mis Poemas factory, carrying valuables and personal items from both the company and the home of the González family, with the purpose of marketing them later and profiting improperly, generating anxiety in the community and losses to the chocolate shop.

However, after meticulous field work, film analysis and the elaboration of spoken portraits, the location and arrest of the four men mentioned was achieved in the Santa Eduviges sector, San José parish, Andrés Bello municipality of San José de Barlovento, Miranda state. , where a Chery Arauca, license plate AC414JB, used as a means of commission and various items belonging to one of the affected companies, was recovered.

The case was referred to the Sixth Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of the state of Miranda, the entity in charge of criminal proceedings.

The Chocolate Factory My Poems

Amanda González de García is a chocolate entrepreneur from Caracas who decided, 50 years ago, to buy a small farm with her husband in the Andrés Bello municipality, in Barlovento, attracted by the cocoa from these lands, famous for its quality and resistance.

But it is 30 years later that he founded his own chocolate factory with his family, which he called Mis Poemas, and which has already been producing premium quality cocoa-derived foods such as chocolate bars, baking powder, and tea, which are available for 22 years. in supermarkets.

Mis Poemas Chocolate also makes cocoa paste and flour made from cocoa and banana to make cakes or brownies, especially for people who do not assimilate gluten or who simply take care of their diet.

Initiative to help Mis Poemas Chocolate

After the great losses suffered at the Mis Poemas chocolate factory due to the violent robbery, and after Amanda was diagnosed with covid, friends and family of the chocolate maker decided to start a fundraising campaign to help them get ahead as soon as possible. possible from this unfortunate situation.

“In view of everything that happened and the recommendations that they sent us to try to replace what was lost, we decided to start this campaign.

In advance, infinite thanks for each message received, for each word of encouragement, we want to get up and continue giving you our chocolate and love for each one of you.

Amanda is stable after being diagnosed with severe covid. We will be announcing all the development through our stories, ”Amanda's family wrote on her social networks.

Donations for Amanda and her Mis Poemas chocolate shop can be sent from the gofundme account published on the company's Instagram social network account.

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  • It is worth mentioning and it is very sad, frustrating and of great importance to us that impunity reigns in this place, since in many cases there are officials involved so much so that in that same sector there is a person who claims to be a high-ranking police official who is causing the forced displacement of the peasants of the San Cristóbal manatee sector using the police and GN to cause panic among the peasants, they really do not know where to go because the complaints do not proceed against that individual, it seems that we are at the mercy of laziness and inequality

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