German chocolate houses sweep DACH awards


Labriq, La Mara and Léonie Corentin obtained more than two awards in this International Chocolates Awards competition.

The German fine chocolate brands Labriq, La Mara and Léonie Corentin swept the awards ROOF (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), of the International Chocolates Awards, thus moving on to the world final to be organized at the end of 2023.

This competition awards prizes to artisan chocolatiers' products, including filled chocolates or bonbons, pralines, wrapped fruit and nuts, and bean-to-bar chocolate spreads, as well as flavored bars made with icing.

labric won gold and silver in the Filled Dark Chocolate Bars category. The gold was obtained for his Valencia tablet and the silver for his Breton. While in the Filled Milk Chocolate Bars category, she won bronze with her Brisbane bar.

In the Ganaches or flavored dark chocolate truffles category, the brand the mara he achieved silver with his Schwarze Vanille ganache.

While in the Ganaches or flavored milk chocolate truffles category, the brand Leonie Corentin he obtained gold with his Olive ganache, and La Mara silver with his Passionsfrucht Praliné ganache.

Likewise, in the category Ganaches or flavored truffles with combined topping or filling, Léonie Corentin won another prize with her Lavando ganache.

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