Mucilage beer? In the United States they have them.

mucilage beer

Two American craft breweries have partnered with Cocoa Supply, an importer of cocoa products, to experiment with new flavors with this fruit.

The American company that imports cocoa raw materials, Cocoa Supply, together with the American breweries Fifth Street Brew Pub and Wind River Brewing, have discovered another use that can be given to the mucilage or pulp of the cocoa bean: the elaboration of beers flavored with mucilage.

And it is that these two breweries, one located in Dayton, Ohio; and the other in Pinedale, Wyoming, recently developed two new flavors with the mucilage to their brand of lager.

Fifth Street Brew Pub described its new mucilage drink on its Instagram account as a blonde with a mild stone fruit influence with a hint of cider and wheat, typical of a mid-summer beer.

At the American Chocolate and Craft Beer PotsCast Bean to Barstool, Leila Carvajal Erker, from Cocoa Supply, and brewers Sam Mosle, of  Wind River Brewing, and Jon Naghski of Fifth Street Brewpub, explained their alliance for the elaboration of this drink with cocoa pulp.

The uses that can be given to this part of the cocoa pod are varied. Chocolate brands have made everything from ice cream to flavored tablets with this pulp.

The mucilage is the fleshy part of the cocoa pod that covers the seeds with which the chocolate is made.

In Creole-type cocoas, its aroma and flavor is sweet floral, while in Trinidadians, its flavor is reminiscent of soursop.

For the representative of Cocoa Supply, the pulp of the cocoa fruit is an unexplored resource in the food industry due to its high expiration date and lack of knowledge.

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