Chef made 4 chocolate ice creams with different cocoas


Chuao, Choroní, Montalbán and Caribe are the origins of these flavors that the Venezuelan chef Armando Canelon prepared for an ice cream tasting that he showed on his social networks.

Venezuelan chef Armando Canelon posted on his social networks four chocolate ice creams that he made with the same number of varieties of cocoa from Venezuela for an ice cream tasting.

In his Instagram story, he posted an image showing four different flavors of frozen of chocolate identified with the name of the cocoa with which they were made: Chuao cocoa, Choroní cocoa, Montalbán cocoa and Caribe cocoa.

The four flavors of ice cream made by chef Canelon and published on his Instagram story.

These varieties of cocoa were acquired in different cocoa farms in our country.

La wow, from Hacienda Chuao, through the marketer Chuao Tading, a partner of the Chuao Peasant Company; the Choroni, from Hacienda La Sabaneta; the Montalban, of the Hacienda San Manuel; and the Caribe, from the Hacienda Cacao Caribe, a society of the Valencian chef.

Armando Canelon's chocolate brand

Chef Armando Canelon is the founder of the bean to bar AC chocolate brand, which in its short time on the market has received international recognition.

In 2019, it won two bronze International Chotolate Awards for its chocolate bars with Trincheras Naiboa 65% and Cuyagua 70% cocoa, in the category of bars with inclusions.

Canelon also collaborates with other food brands in Valencia, Carabobo state, such as the Italian-style artisan ice cream shop based in this city, Gelato Amalfi, and POPPA, also located in the capital of Carabobo.

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