Chefs will create dinners inspired by cocoa and chocolate


The Río Cacao Chocolate School Laboratory and the Casa Samambaya farm, in Caracas, scheduled the preparation of four dinners inspired by these foods, and the first proposal was that of chef José Antonio Casanova.

Four chefs from Caracas participate in the creation of the same number of dinners inspired by cocoa and chocolate.

The first proposal was developed by chef José Antonio Casanova, who stood out for the original presentation of his menu, totally inspired by the colors, shapes and flavors of the cocoa pod.

Casanoba's cocoa and chocolate menu

Casanova's dinner began with the tasting of his sourdough bread and cocoa husks with kumachi butter (a yucca sauce of Pemón origin).

He continued with one of the most original dishes in his presentation, some small spheres of cassava in an emulsion of lactofermented soursop, citrus oil, nasturtium gel, which emulated the shape and flavor of the mucilage of the cocoa pods.

This was followed by a soft nougat of carupanera black pudding, grapefruit jam and Angostura bitters.

The next dish he presented was a pickled shrimp and blackberry, pintón plantain, heart of palm cream and fresh oregano chlorophyll, and he closed with a low-temperature pork rib, black recado and chocolate, accompanied by wild rice, beluga lentils, and roasted portobello.

Cocoa and chocolate dinners

The raw material for the preparation of these dinners are cocoa from the Samambaya farm and chocolate from the Río Cacao brand.

The next dinner, which will be presented in the spaces of Casa Samambaya, in Caracas, will be in charge of chef Tomás Fernández, who announced that he will work with the five most recognized varieties of cocoa in Venezuela.

She will be followed by chef Helena Ibarra, who said she will explore chocolates made with cocoa from the Amazon, and chef María Fernanda Di Giacobbe will close this program, who will bring ancestral recipes with cocoa to the table.

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