Chocolate 20/20 released a new lemon-flavored tablet

Chocolate 20/20

This Venezuelan chocolate house produces its various chocolate bars with cocoa grown in the Carabobo state, from Patanemo to Canoabo.

Chocolate 20/20 released this week a new flavor that adds to its line of twhite chocolate bars: lemon.

This new bar, which can be purchased in the spaces of cocoa culture, in the city of Valencia, Carabobo state, combines the sweet and creamy flavor of white chocolate with the acidity of lemon.

With this tablet, chocolate 20/20 shows that white chocolate can be the best companion for the fruits of our country.

your first bar chocolate blanco with fruit inclusions was the one made with blackberries from Colonia Tovar, Aragua state.

And they kept experimenting by adding beetroot and lemon to another white chocolate bar. Perhaps a preview of the new white chocolate and lemon flavor.

As well as passion fruit to another white chocolate bar. And blue spirulina (superfood) and pink pepper to another of their white chocolate bars, which went on to become blue.

Chocolate 20/20

This chocolate house, founded in 2017 by the Estévez family, from Carabobo state, makes chocolate bean to bar (from seed to bar) with fruits of the cocoa tree obtained from different plantations of this entity, from Patanemo to Canoabo.

They own different farms in this state, as well as the Luna Clara and Las Cocorotas farms, where they plant their own cacao, process the seeds and make their own chocolate.

And with just five years in the chocolate market, their work has already won two international awards thanks to their 71% Cocoa Trincheras chocolate with Trinidad Scorpion chili, grown by themselves.

This tablet was recognized with a bronze medal and a special gastronomic award.

In addition, Chocolates 20/20 is one of the four members of the alliance @caraboboescacao, a platform that seeks to position the Carabobo state as a region where quality cocoa is harvested and chocolate bars are made with excellence and creativity.

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