Chocolate with anchovies? A mixture that confuses the senses

chocolate with anchovies

The Spanish chocolate shops Monper and Cacao Sampeke have been among the few known in the world that have dared and been able to achieve this strange combination.

Our senses could be confused when tasting a chocolate bar or chocolate with anchovy for the first time.

Its smell, which generates a bit of strangeness in many, seems to completely detach itself from its delicious linear flavor, the result of the very well-balanced combination of this ancient sweet product of cocoa and the saltiness of the anchovy prepared in preserves.

An XNUMXth century Italian combination

Although this combination of ingredients is not at all original, in some Italian lasagna recipes from the XNUMXth century, anchovies and chocolate were added to the sauce, and today many Spanish bars offer sandwiches of anchovies dipped in chocolate, there are few chocolate shops in the world that have dared and been able to unite these two flavors in a single tablet or chocolate.

chocolate with anchovies
Anchovy sandwiches with chocolate from Bodegas Almau, in Zaragoza, Spain.

the chocolate shop Monper, located in Cantabria, Spain, is an example of this. After several attempts, it is in 2017 that he manages to unite these flavors. And, in the middle of the Spanish summer, in August of that year, he publicly presented his first chocolate bar with anchovy.

Monper is a gourmet artisan chocolate factory that has stood out in Spain and the world for its exotic combinations. In 2019 he won four medals at the International Chocolate Awards for his elaborations.

Their Curry with Kikos, Leche Merengada and Mojito chocolate bars each won the silver medal, while their anchovy bar won the special prize from the Jury.

The chocolates also taste like anchovies

Sampaka cocoa is another of the artisanal gourmet chocolate shops that has dared to combine chocolate with anchovy to offer it in the Spanish chocolate market.

In its stores you can taste the anchovy and hazelnut chocolates made by the outstanding Spanish chocolatiers Ramón Morató and Quim Capdevila.

The cocoa beans with which Cacao Sampaka makes its chocolate tablets and bonbons come mainly from Venezuela, Ecuador, Ivory Coast and the Indonesian island of Java.

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