Chocolate with hazelnut, who put it on?

hazelnut chocolate

This recipe was created in 1830 by the Swiss chocolatier Charles-Amédée Kohler in his chocolate factory in Lausanne.

In 1830, Swiss businessman and chocolatier Charles-Amédée Kohler invented a recipe that would be a success in the chocolate industry: hazelnut chocolate.

This gastronomic creation made him one of the most powerful chocolatiers in Switzerland, a country that was beginning to stand out worldwide in chocolate production.

This prestige allowed him to keep his Kohler chocolate factory in operation for many years, where he worked on improving his following creations by copying successful experiences with this item in the world, such as the use of cocoa butter to create edible tablets, an achievement British family business Fry and Son, and the accession of the chocolate milk to improve its flavor and texture, an invention of the Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter.

Faced with its success, Swiss entrepreneurs in the chocolate industry began to merge with Kohler.

In 1904, the inventor of milk chocolate associated with Kohler and, a year later, Nestlé, which provided milk to his chocolate factory and marketed its products, took a stake in his capital.

A few years later, in 1911, the Swiss-owned chocolatier Cailler joins the chocolatiers Peter and Kohler. This merger allows them to optimize production techniques and thus improve the quality of their chocolate.

The new company was renamed Peter, Cailler, Kohler Chocolats suisses SA, however, this merger would only last about 18 years, because in 1929 Nestlé ended up acquiring these three companies in their entirety.

With this purchase, Nestlé positions itself in the world chocolate market, subsequently creating its own chocolate products such as the Milo malted chocolate drink, the Galak white chocolate bar and the Rayon chocolate bar with honey and air bubbles.

It also acquires other chocolatiers such as the British Rowntree Mackintosh, adding the KitKat, After Eight and Smarties brands to its portfolio; and the Venezuelan Savoy, famous for its variety of products, made with the best Venezuelan cocoa, such as Savoy chocolate bars, Ping Pong, Miramar, Toronto, the Cocosette, the Samba, the Susy, the Cri Cri, among others.

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