Chocolate with coffee? A pair so different and similar at the same time

chocolate with coffee

These ingredients, one, from the fruit of the cocoa tree and the other, from coffee, so different in presentation, flavor and smell, seem to have more things in more common than any other food that helps them enhance their flavor

Chocolate and coffee share so many similarities that many chocolatier chefs couldn't pass up the opportunity to unite them in a single bar.

For many years, the raw material for these highly demanded foods in the world was the main product of export of our country.

tons of cacao They have left the Venezuelan coast for centuries to be processed by the best chocolatiers, as well as similar amounts of coffee, which have always left the country high for its quality and flavor.

The Similarities of Chocolate and Coffee

  • Chocolate and coffee have been drinks of great cultural and economic importance during much of recent human history. Currently they are products that we consume almost daily, both at home and in offices or premises.
  • The fruits of cocoa and coffee grow in an imaginary band on the equator, known as the Belt of Coffee and Belt of Cacao, or Belt of Chocolate.
  • Both cocoa, or chocolate, and coffee, according to science, have many benefits for our brain health. More and more studies conclude that consuming these foods helps us reduce the risks of neurodegenerative disorders that cause diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
  • From the seed to the final product, both cocoa and coffee are rich in aromas and flavors, which makes them very popular among the world's population.

What chocolates have coffee?

There are many brands that have dared and achieved this delicious combination, and here we show you just a few like those of Sampaka cocoa, Mantuano and Monper.

Sampaka cocoa

mantuano chocolate

Monper Chocolate

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