Chocolate with crackling? A combination that makes your mouth water

Chocolate with pork rinds

Chefs and artisan chocolatiers from Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia have dared to bring out this strange combination that has enchanted more than one.

The border between sweet and salty was broken again with the union of two ingredients that few imagined could work, and that many who have tried it have praised it without hesitation, the mixture of chocolate with pork rinds.

The bitter sweetness of dark chocolate together with the crunchy taste of pork turned into pork rinds is one of the most exotic mixtures that has made more than one mouth water.

the mexican chef Ana Martorell is considered one of the pioneers of this combination, in his quest to unite chocolate with other ingredients that also taste of Mexico. He did it before with a chocolate mixed with corn tortillas.

Along the same lines, the Mexican designer chocolate shop dolcenero He prepared for his clientele a delicious mixture of these two foods with a Mexican flavor.

In their variety of products made with chocolate, they offer Hidden Chicharrón, a pork crackling snack dipped in 70% semisweet chocolate with salt, breaded with cocoa powder.

the mexican chocolatier Ronse also added pork rinds to its production of filled chocolates and chocolate bars, resulting in the pork rinds covered with 72% cocoa chocolate and black chilhuacle chili.

Pork rinds with 72% cocoa chocolate coverage and black chilhuacle chili from Chocolates Ronsse

For its part, in the dessert section of the menu from the mexican restaurant 13 pigs One with pork could not be missing, and for this, he devised a chocolate bar with caramel and pork rinds that he called Snickers de Pork rinds.

The Mexican communicator specialized in gastronomic tourism Paula Norman mentioned this dessert in his account Twitter.

While the Mexican communicator specialized in cocoa and chocolate Tania L. Dávila highlighted in her Twitter this combination of chocolate with chicharrón by posting a photo of a Mexican artisan chocolate bar with pieces of chicharrón with the question mark chocolate with pork rinds?.

Chocolate with Venezuelan pork cracklings?

Without the variety of chocolates with pork rinds offered in Mexico, in Venezuela you can get this strange and divine combination thanks to an alliance between the chocolate shop mantuano chocolate and the hamburger restaurant Caracas Street Food.

These two food companies agreed to make a chocolate bar with pieces of pork crackling, which they describe as the best combination: the crunch of the crackling mixed with touches of salt and the creamy 62% Sur del Lago chocolate, from the best in the country.

In Colombia could not miss

Although with little projection as in Venezuela, in Colombia some artisan chocolatiers have dared to make this mixture of chocolate with pieces of pork crackling.

An Instagram user of Colombian origin posted a video of an artisanal chocolate bar with pork rinds made in Colombia.

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