Chocolate with lemon, a sweet and sour flavor contrast

chocolate with lemon

More and more Venezuelan and foreign gourmet chocolatiers are adding this sweet and sour combination to their lines of flavors.

The acidic and fresh taste of lemon combined with chocolate is a bet that more and more national and foreign chocolate houses have joined in its preparation.

And it is that the contrast of flavors such as the one offered by this chocolate bar with lemon is a mixture in which the freshness of the citrus and the unique tones of the cocoa are enhanced.

Let's get to know some of the chocolate shops, including a Venezuelan, a Swiss, a Belgian and a Spanish that have this delicious mix in their line of bars.

The 20/20 lemon chocolate bar

This chocolate house in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo added white chocolate lemon in one of his latest tablet formulations.

20/20 Chocolates is a family business that produces gourmet chocolate from bean to bar with cocoa from different terroirs in Carabobo and other states in the country.

Lindt Lemon Chocolate Bar

This Swiss chocolate house has lemon with ginger in its line of dark chocolate bars.

Lindt is a chocolate company that has been in the chocolate market for more than 200 years. Its beginnings were in 1845 in a small confectionery, where its owners made the chocolate bar for the first time.

The cocoa they use is obtained through their own agricultural program Lindt & Sprungli.

Cachet's dark chocolate bar with lemon and pepper

This brand of Belgian chocolate, produced by the company Kim's Chocolate, has in its line of dark chocolate bars the lemon with pepper.

This trade mark Stamp It has the line of Organic chocolate bars and the line of Orígenes chocolate.

Kim's Chocolate, founded in 1987, is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in Belgium and the first to export.

It has its own Cocoa for Schools program, aimed at helping the educational infrastructure of the Mbeya region, in Tanzania, Africa.

The chocolate bar with lemon from Tierra Madre

This tablet, made by Mother Earth, Oxfam Intermón's fair trade food brand, is organic chocolate with no artificial flavours, a 100% natural product.

The raw material with which this chocolate bar is made is produced by families that belong to fair trade cooperatives that follow a small-scale, ecological and 100% natural farming method.

Oxfam Intermón is a Spanish non-governmental development cooperation organization, affiliated with the Oxfam confederation, which encompasses a total of 17 organizations that work together in 41 countries.

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