Chocolate with corn, a mixture that explodes on the palate

chocolate with corn

A Mexican chef and a few Spanish artisan chocolate houses have added this crunchy combination to their bar production line.

Fried, toasted or sifted, corn is an ingredient that has enchanted more than one along with the flavor of chocolate.

Mexican chef Ana Martorell is one of the pioneers of this mixture, which she claims tastes like pure Mexico because of the corn.

While in Spain, the artisan chocolate shops Cocoa, Refart and Abuela ili have added it to their line of natural flavors.

Martonell's chocolate bar with corn

the mexican chef Ana Martorell has a small collection of three handmade chocolates that have made it very famous: one made with Iberian ham, another with pork rind of pork and this one of roasted corn tortilla.

Taming is an ancestral Mexican cooking technique that gives preparations a particular flavor, due to the smoky notes that the food acquires.

This dark chocolate bar with a tameada corn tortilla that Martorell makes has an artisanal and organic production, so it makes very few quantities a week.

The Cocoa Chocolate bar

cocoa chocolates is a gourmet artisan chocolate house from Castellón that opened its doors in 2004.

Of its variety of artisanal chocolate elaborations, its corn tablet is one of its clients' favorites.

This is a 70% cocoa dark chocolate tablet that, in addition to its main ingredient, fried corn that makes it crunch with each bite, has salt crystals that accentuate the flavor of the chocolate and peanuts that provide creaminess and flavor.

The chocolate bar with corn from Refart Chocolates

Chocolate Refart is a chocolate house located in the city of Zamora that produces products derived from cocoa such as tablets, chocolates, nougats, chocolate bars, lollipops, among others.

Of the variety of tablet flavors, the corn tablet is considered to be a great taste experience.

This is a bar of milk chocolate and fried corn, which leaves a powerful roasted cocoa flavor on the palate enriched with a bouquet of aromatic nuances, contrasted with fried corn.

Grandma ili's tablet

grandma ili is an artisan chocolate house from Andalusia that plays with a variety of combinations of natural flavors.

Its bar with toasted corn with white chocolate is one of the most demanded by its assiduous customers.

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