Chocolate with peanuts, a delicious partner not suitable for allergy sufferers

chocolate with peanuts

This incredible combination, not recommended for children and people sensitive to this type of food, is one of the favorites in the world.

Chocolate and peanuts are two ingredients that together in a single recipe have delighted more than one.

And the American multinational Mars Incorporated is a clear example of this. Thanks to its Snickers and M&M brands, in which chocolate and peanuts are its main ingredients, it has earned millions of dollars worldwide.

Snickers, the world's best-selling peanut chocolate bar

Snickers is a chocolate bar filled with nougat and peanut butter with a topping of caramel and chopped peanuts, covered in milk chocolate.

This candy, which was first introduced to the US market in 1930, after the launch of Milky Way, is one of the best sellers in the world.

In Venezuela it is one of the best-known and best-selling imported sweets.

The success of this recipe led its creators to launch new versions on the market, but without sacrificing its two main ingredients, chocolate and peanuts.

Thus, in 1989, this brand released its version of an ice cream bar and in 2021 the Snickers brownie flavor.

He has also released bars in which he has replaced peanuts with almonds and in others with peanut butter.

The M&Ms, the most famous peanut-filled candies

Our M & Ms they are originally small pieces of milk chocolate covered with candies in six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, brown, and blue; but its version with peanuts is one of the most delicious.

Like Snickers chocolate bars, these dragees are quite well known in many countries around the world.

This brand of dragees has launched other versions, such as chocolate-mint, almond, peanut butter, white chocolate (with and without peanuts), milk chocolate with puffed rice, among others.

The M&M's were marketed for the first time in the United States in 1941, but it was in 1954 that chocolate peanuts were introduced to the market, increasing sales of both varieties.

In the XNUMXs, Mars introduces two new versions of M&M's: chocolate peanut butter and chocolate almond.

Rikiti, chocolate with peanuts with Venezuelan flavor

In Venezuela we have our own chocolate peanut treat, and Rikiti is one of them.

This is one of the most popular bars of milk chocolate and peanut pieces among Venezuelans, produced by the multinational Nestlé Savoy.

Although every day more Venezuelans brands of products made with chocolates are added, such as St.Moritz, which also delights fans of its sweets with a presentation of coated chocolate with peanuts

The quality of the chocolates produced by St.Moritz is mainly based on the quality of its ingredients, among which Barlovento cocoa stands out as the basic raw material.

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