Chocolate with salt Who came up with it?

Chocolate bonbons with salt

Savoring a bar or bonbon of chocolate with salt can be a unique experience for most palates not used to this exotic combination.

In the first bite, this mixture may not be fully perceived, but after a few seconds our taste pupils are activated to begin to identify the bitterness of the cocoa that blends with the crunch of the flavor of the sea.

The Spanish Ferran Adrià, whose restaurant El Bulli, located in Gerona, northeast of Spain, was awarded three Michelin Guide stars, is one of the first chefs in the world to prepare desserts with ingredients that are only used in savory dishes, among others, chocolates sprinkled with this important companion of the kitchen that enhances the flavor of food.

Although this mixture may seem strange, which the most famous chocolatiers in the world have incorporated into their various flavors of chocolates and chocolate bars for a long time, products made from cocoa have also been fused with spicy flavors, usual condiments in salty preparations.

In Venezuela, famous for having one of the cocoas most exquisite in the world, there are many chocolatiers that have in their catalog of bars and chocolates elaborations to which spicy seasonings and salt have been added.

Who sells chocolate with salt

Venezuelan chocolate shop The Praline, very famous for its fine chocolates that it sells in Panama and in the Venezuelan cities of Caracas and Valencia, has that fusion with spicy touches on its menu, and in the specific case of mixtures with salt, it prepares for the public the Bombón Criollo and Rosemary, which has a hint of maldon salt.

Also offers Tablets of chocolate with this seasoning widely used in haute cuisine.

Venezuelan brands Sander Chocolatier y Valle canoe They also have their chocolate bar with salt, but marina. The first one has a 60-gram tablet for sale (73% cocoa), and the second is a special 50-gram edition with this ingredient extracted from the sea.

In Europe, for example, the popular Dutch chocolate brand Tony's Chocolonely also has their sea salt chocolate bar.

To his classic milk chocolate he added this famous flavor enhancer that he fused with crunchy caramel, resulting in an explosion sensation in the mouth. and to chocolate Negro also added almonds and sea salt.

The Spanish brand of chocolate Market it has a 100-gram tablet with caramel and sea salt; and the well-known Swiss chocolates Milka They have a presentation of 100 grams of dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt.

And in the south of the American continent, for example, the Argentine chocolate brand Armanini Chocolatier has dark chocolate (70% cocoa) with sea salt from Patagonia in its line of bars.

And you? Have you tried chocolate with salt? Take one to your mouth and tell us about your experience!

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