Chocolate with sarrapia, pure Venezuelan Amazon flavor

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Venezuelan chocolatiers inside and outside our borders perfume and flavor their finest chocolates and chocolate bars with the well-known Venezuelan vanilla.

The aroma and flavor of sarrapia, also known as Venezuelan vanilla, could not have a better company than chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa.

Its particular taste and smell of vanilla, which is used to flavor certain tobaccos, snuff, perfumes, soaps, liqueurs and confectionery, pastry and bakery products, has made it the best combination of Creole chocolate for a few years.

There are more and more artisan chocolate houses, inside and outside our borders, that have added this native spice from southern Venezuela to their line of fine chocolates and bars for its exquisite flavor and the exotic result of two ingredients that are born in the Amazonas Venezuelan.

The sarrapia grows in southern Venezuela

The sarrapia tree grows wild in southern Venezuela, northern Brazil and the Guianas area. In our country it abounds in the headwaters of the tributaries of the right bank of the Orinoco River.

This tree, in addition to being emblematic of the Bolívar state, has economically and commercially favored the southern part of the country where it grows spontaneously.

Coumarin is extracted from the sarrapia seed, which is the vanilla-flavored substance that has been given various uses.

Chocolate with sarrapia is a Venezuelan mixture

The combination of chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa with sarrapia from the south of our country is increasingly seen in the artisan chocolatiers of Venezuela.

The line of chocolates from the Valle Canoabo chocolate brand, the chocolate bars from Río Cacao, 058 Cacao, Sander Chocolatier, Mantuano Chocolates, Choco Sinfonía and the Candy store are some of the chocolate houses run by Venezuelan chefs that have chocolates and bars with sarrapia.

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