Chocolate with bacon, an irresistible and crunchy combination

chocolate with bacon

The border between sweet and salty is lost when two delicious ingredients come together that merge into an unexpected flavor.

If chocolate makes very good company with pork rind pork, why wouldn't it be delicious with bacon or bacon?

Chefs all over the world and chocolatiers of artisanal and industrial production have this irresistible combination in their production line.

And it is that the border between sweet and salty can be broken as many times as you want, because salty is not at odds with sweet, nor sweet with salty.

The first chocolate bar with bacon

The English brand of chocolate Vosges is considered one of the first to experience this delicious mix.

Its Mo's Bacon Bar, Britain's best-selling bar, contains bits of smoked bacon mixed with milk chocolate.

Chef Martorell also put chocolate on the bacon

Mexican chef Ana Martorell, famous for her collection of chocolate bars with savory flavors like pork rinds, Iberian ham and corn tortillas, also added chocolate to the bacon.

This combination is presented as delicious snacks of bacon covered with dark chocolate.

Chuao Chocolatier's Bacon Bar

American chocolate company Chuao chocolatier It is another industrial chocolate shop that has its chocolate bar with bacon.

Presented as a gourmet chocolate, this bar contains a dash of campfire-smoked sea salt and crisp, uncured bacon bits encased in the creamiest milk chocolate.

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