Powdered chocolate for a mug with Venezuelan cocoa. Which one is your favorite?

At Puro Chocolate we present some popular chocolate powder mixes made in Venezuela to prepare chocolate drinks.

hot chocolate in cup It is one of the most traditional ways of consuming cocoa in Venezuela, which is why many chocolatiers in the country have not hesitated to bring their own formulas to the market to bring its flavor and aroma to the homes of Venezuelans through this sweet drink, and Here we tell you about some.


Chocodeli is an instant powdered chocolate mix made by the Café Rammar company, which has been on the Venezuelan market for two years.

Its formula contains milk and sugar, so only water is needed for its preparation.

The result, a creamy cocoa-flavored drink very much in the style of those offered in the cafes and restaurants of Colonia Tovar.

This mixture can be purchased at Locatel stores in the states of Miranda, Anzoátegui, Bolívar, Nueva Esparta, Portuguesa, Yaracuy, Zulia and the Capital District.


Taco is an instant granulated chocolate mix with more than half a century of tradition in Venezuela and is currently made by Chocolates The King.

This formula, which contains 100% Venezuelan cocoa, can be placed in hot or cold milk and does not require a blender for its preparation. Its result is a sweet taste.

Alfonso Rivas y CÍA is responsible for its distribution throughout the country and it is available in 200gr bags and 200gr, 400gr and 1kg containers.

Chocolate powder Cumbe

Cumbe chocolate, produced by the Socialista Cacao Oderí Cimarrón company, is a mixture of cocoa powder with sugar and vanilla made especially to drink it hot in a cup.

Of all the variety of products made by this company, made with the best cocoa from Barlovento, this mixture is one of the most sought after.

Its presentation is 250 grams and can be found in Cacao Venezuela establishments throughout the country.

KKO Royal Mug

KKO Real Mug is a product made by KKAO Royal PREMIER Reserve with 100% Venezuelan cocoa without sugar, additives or preservatives to make hot chocolate.

The result, a more concentrated chocolate drink with a unique flavor of pure cocoa of the best quality.

Its presentation is 200gr and can be purchased in the main establishments throughout the country. You can also find another variety of chocolate drink mixes from this brand, such as Chococao and Tikko Tín.

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