Sugar free chocolate? Enjoy these tablets without remorse

sugar free chocolate

More and more chocolate brands produced in Venezuela think about the health and care of the figure of Venezuelans.

Make the chocolate bars with the best cacao of the world is no longer enough.

Su recipe, which for more than a century has been modified with ingredients that have improved its flavor and texture, has also undergone changes to adapt to the needs of an increasingly demanding population in terms of health and tastes.

Not only many chocolatiers in the world have had to turn to attend to the need of a clientele that has stopped consuming foods of origin animal, but also to another that due to diseases such as diabetes or simply because they are looking to lose weight, they demand a type of bar without sugar or with a substitute that they can adopt.

In Venezuela, there are many chocolate brands that have added sugar-free or calorie-free sweeteners to their production lines, such as Chocolates El Rey, St.Moritz, Zisnella and Nestlé. Savoy, to reach that public that seeks to enjoy a rich chocolate without harming their health.

El Rey Sugar Free Chocolates

The sugar-free chocolate line The King was made for those people who cannot or should not consume sugar

These bars have had their sugar replaced by a natural sweetener called Maltitol, which is low in calories and its taste and sweetness is very similar to common sugar.

It is about 90% as sweet as regular sugar, and unlike other sweeteners, it does not affect the flavor of products.

This sugar-free line includes a dark chocolate bar with 57% cocoa, another with milk 34% cocoa and another white 24% cocoa.

St.Moritz Sugar Free Chocolate

St.Moritz, thinking of people who cannot or should not consume sugar, has in its production line two creamy chocolate bars, dark and milk, sweetened with Splendae brand sucralose.

These chocolate bars are low in carbohydrates and are ideal for people on special diets and anyone who wants to satisfy a chocolate craving without the guilt.

Zisnella Sugar Free Chocolate

zisnella It also has a chocolate bar on its production line for those who prefer or cannot consume sugar.

It is a 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar to which maltitol has been added instead of common sugar.

Savoy Milk Chocolate Sugar Free

The transnational Nestle Savoy also had to have their sugar free Savoy chocolate bar, made especially for all who want to take care of their figure and treat themselves without remorse.

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