Chocolate without cocoa? A German company has it for you

Chocolate without cocoa

Planet A Foods produces a cocoa substitute mix that it claims gives desserts a chocolate flavor with a nougat accent.

The German food company Planet A Foods has started producing a chocolate-flavored dessert mix without cocoa for the German confectionery market.

And it is that confident that "the distribution chain for chocolate is not reliable in the long term, and the confectionery industry itself understands it", one of the founders of the company Planet A Foods, Max Marquart, predicted a whole success for this mix.

Planet A Foods

Planet A Foods is a small company of six people founded by brothers Maximiliano and Sara Marquet in 2021.

Maximiliano, who defines himself as a food lover, assures that his mission is to revolutionize the food system.

While Sara, with her experience as a senior scientist at Atomo Coffee, a Seattle-based company that makes molecular coffee without the coffee bean, is certain that the flavor of cocoa is totally substitutable.

And it is that both are sure that the supply of cocoa in the world is in danger, and that chocolate is as bad as meat for our planet, so their mixture is the solution to perpetuate the taste of chocolate in the world. .

"Our chocolate is 10 times more sustainable and 20% cheaper than conventional chocolate," they say.

And while you'd have to try a chocolate dessert made with this cocoa substitute to find out what it tastes like, the Munich-based company claims the mix gives its products "chocolate flavor, with an accent of nougat."

Planet A Foods is currently producing up to 400 kilograms of cocoa substitute powder per hour.

This mixture, which can result in powder or paste, and which can be used to make ice cream and other products that use chocolate, replaces the base of chocolate, which is cocoa, with a compound made with natural ingredients that can be purchased in Germany all year.

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