Chocolate makers in Caracas exhibit their Easter eggs and rabbits

In the social networks of some chocolate shops you can already see the variety of chocolates in the form of these traditional Easter symbols made with cocoa and by Venezuelan hands.

Easter is near, this 2022 is set on the calendar for next Sunday, April 17, and many chocolatiers in the capital city are already exhibiting their elaborations of chocolate eggs and rabbits so as not to miss this day.

Holy Week is one of the most important religious holidays for Christians around the world.

This festivity, which begins with Palm Sunday, culminates with Easter Sunday, a day that means Rebirth and Resurrection, and which is celebrated both with a religious mass and with the tradition of Easter Eggs.

The festival of the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is related to life and fertility, and it is precisely the symbol of the egg that best represents it.

As for the rabbit, this is an animal that was included in this Anglo-Saxon tradition, attributing the responsibility of hiding the eggs.

The eggs and rabbits of the chocolate shops of Caracas

In order not to let this Anglo-Saxon tradition that many Venezuelans share go under the table, chocolate shops in Caracas are coming forward for this date with chocolate eggs and rabbits made with their own recipes and designs that can be purchased now.

The Praline Chocolatier

In the stores of Caracas and Valencia of The Praline Chocolatier Delicious chocolate eggs covered in fun colored wrappers are now on sale, as well as little chocolate bunnies for Easter gifts.

Sander Chocolatier

Sander Chocolatier also already has its rich chocolates with figures of eggs and rabbits of different sizes to give away next Easter Sunday, which can be purchased at its store in Caracas.

Origin Cocoa

The Cacao de Origen store, located inside the Hacienda la Trinidad, in Caracas, also began to exhibit its original bean-to-bar chocolate eggs filled with coins of different sizes so that prosperity and abundance are not lacking for those who acquire them.

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