European chocolatiers exhibit their Advent calendars

advent calendars

Advent calendars with chocolates or small chocolate bars began to be made in the twenties of the last century.

The most famous chocolatiers in Europe are already displaying the most original Advent calendars on their social media accounts to accompany the Christmas countdown with the sweet taste of chocolate.

Belgian chocolate houses Pierre Marcolini and Neuhaus Chocolates; the French Chocolat Chapon; the Swiss Lindt; the Italian Domori Choc and Ferrero Rocher; the international KiKat of English origin; and the Catalan Blasi, are some of the most famous in Europe that have joined this tradition that was born in Germany at the end of the XNUMXth century, and that at the beginning of the XNUMXth century chocolate was part of it.

An Advent Calendar is a calendar made in the form of a countdown to know how much is left until Christmas. It begins on December 1 and ends on December 24.

In Europe, chocolatiers began to make these calendars with chocolates, so that every day, between December 1 and 24, there is a chocolate or chocolate to taste until Christmas day arrives.

pierre marcolini

This chocolate house, run by Belgian chocolatier chef Pierre Marcolini, prepared for this season the traditional Advent calendar with a delicious assortment of chocolates, decorated with pleasant drawings of affectionate animals that embrace in an apparent Christmas gathering.

Neuhaus Chocolates

This Belgian chocolatier, considered the creator of the chocolate, made for this occasion an original Advent calendar recreated in a chocolate shop with 25 fine chocolates to share.

Chocolate Capon

This fine chocolatier, run by French chocolatier Patrice chapu, made the traditional Advent Calendar, with delicious chocolates, decorated with a Byzantine theme in beautiful blue and gold tones.

"The perfect opportunity to play gourmet and taste every day, and for 24 days, one of our delicious chocolates that will delight young and old alike," this chocolate house published on its Instagram account.


The Swiss chocolate house Lindt also released its Advent calendar, which this time it decorated with a red color with stars, but instead of putting the chocolates, it was left to the choice of each buyer.

“The calendar that adapts perfectly to you. Choose and mix your two favorite products and let yourself be tempted by new flavors to experience a true moment of happiness, every day”, this chocolate house published on its Instagram account.

Domori Choc

The Italian chocolate house Domori was not far behind either and released an elegant Advent Calendar decorated in red and gold tones that was accompanied by its most delicious chocolates.

“It is the waiting that makes Christmas so special: live it up with the Domori Advent Calendar! Try the assortment of chocolates hidden behind each box and enrich your day with new nuances of flavor," the chocolate house published on its Instagram account.

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher, meanwhile, put together a beautiful Advent calendar to impress.

And it is that this calendar, which is shaped like a building, each apartment hides a delicious chocolate from this brand to play the Christmas countdown

"Impress your loved ones with the FERRERO PRESTIGE Advent Calendar," the Italian chocolatier published on its Instagram account.


This chocolate brand was not far behind either, and released a beautiful Advent calendar to continue the tradition.

"Take a break and count down to Christmas with our KITKAT Advent Calendar!", he posted on his Instagram account.

Blasi Chocolates

The chocolate house Bombons blasi, which has been in the Catalan artisan chocolatier market for more than a century, did not leave this tradition aside either and produced a rather colorful Advent calendar filled with its best chocolates.

"Chocolate makers and chocolate makers, here is our advent calendar where you will find our products within each day," Bombons Blasi published on his Instagram account.

Sander Chocolatier

In Caracas, the Dutch-born chocolate house Sander Chocolatier released its traditional Advent calendars, with which it invites its loyal clientele to enjoy 25 chocolate surprises as Christmas morning arrives.

Le Toucan Doux Chocolates

The Venezuelan chocolate brand Le Toucan Doux, from the chocolatier Tania Guirigay, also released for this Christmas the traditional Advent calendar to enjoy with the family, which can be found in Caracas.

“Enjoy an extraordinary experience with your family. We love to fill your home with love, enthusiasm and lots of joy. Because our mission is to make them happy. Let us accompany your little ones this Christmas and as a family enjoy a Holiday that is different from the others, ”the chocolate brand published on her Instagram account.

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