Venezuelan chocolatiers joined the Barbie fever


They took advantage of the advertising success of this American film and created original messages related to this famous doll to promote their products.

The exaggerated publicity boom of the Barbie movie around the world has been taken advantage of in Venezuela by some local chocolate shops to promote their products.

Azú pastry shop joined the premiere of the film of the most famous doll with a brunch in which the protagonist was a Barbie dessert: a red fruit mousse, creamy chocolate, fluid caramel and a macaron base.

Kocholatte recreated the Barbie "Kocholatte" inspired by miss Falcón Meagans Rojas and launched a contest in which they will give away delicious white chocolate handbags.

Nattivo Cacao made its own Barbie with artificial intelligence inspired by the creator of its brand: "a successful businesswoman with a chocolate business model."

While Cacao Lab made some delicious pink filled chocolates to not miss this occasion.

Choco Tentación published the image of a human Barbie holding her delicious chocolate brownies in her hands.

And St, Moritz recalled its most delicious chocolate products with a mention of this film.

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