Chocolaterías apostaron a los bombones este Día de las Madres


Chocolate houses from all over the country made delicious chocolates in special shapes, colors and fillings that they placed in original presentations to delight mothers on their day.

For this Mother's Day in Venezuela, chocolate shops from all over the country bet on elaborations of chocolates in new and original presentations to celebrate this special occasion.

The Trapiche Chocolates chocolate shop from Tachira offers for this day a heart-shaped box filled with delicious and creamy chocolates decorated in red and pink.

While the Carabobo chocolate house Bombones Valle Canoabo prepared for this day a wooden box filled with different types of white and dark chocolates in the shapes of hearts, circles, squares and rectangles.

For this occasion, the Mozart pastry and chocolate shop produced a new bonbon filled with piña colada and coconut, wrapped in fine purple paper.

While the Cocoa Factory Venezuela chocolate shop decided to make different boxes for this day full of the most delicious and attractive chocolates of different shapes and colors, highlighting those with hearts.

The chocolate house Cacao Lab designed some original heart chocolates of different colors and sizes for this Mother's Day that you can take in different presentations.

While the chocolate house La Praline, in Caracas, went further and bet on the creation of chocolate heels and handbags filled with its traditional and delicious chocolates.

For this occasion, the Francheschi chocolate shop decided to make, in alliance with the Cacao de Origen and Kakao chocolate shops, a special box decorated with birds, flowers and petals, containing 12 chocolates filled with Creole fruits, Creole distillates and Palette D Or, with chocolate's origin of this chocolate house

While Chocolates Paria has for this day tablets and chocolates in different presentations to delight mothers, like this painted wooden case that contains 4 tablets and 100 grams of chocolates.

Zisnella Chocolate created an elegant aqua blue box in which she has placed a flower arrangement with carnations, micro-pom poms and medals and two little boxes with hazelnuts and almonds covered with two layers: one with a tasty 70% cocoa dark chocolate and the other with a creamy pink tinted white chocolate.

While the Cakawa chocolate shop, in Caracas, made an original Tepuy-shaped chocolate bar for this Mother's Day, accompanied by its most delicious chocolates in a special box.

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