Chocolate shops from Caracas present their Easter Eggs

easter eggs

The chocolate houses of fine chocolates Kocholatte, Cacao Lab, Sander, Le Toucan Doux and La Praline display their original Easter Eggs on their social networks.

Easter Sunday is celebrated on April 9 and, for this occasion, five chocolatiers of fine chocolates in Caracas are already showing their original Easter Eggs to share with friends and family.


The chocolate house of fine chocolates Kocholatte made two boxes with decorated Easter eggs to give as gifts.

For this occasion, Kocholatte created two presentations: one of Easter eggs made with dark chocolate filled with Nutella and decorated with M&Ms, and another with white chocolate filled with Nutella and decorated with M&Ms.

Cocoa Lab

The fine chocolates Cacao Lab chocolate shop created for this occasion a large chocolate egg with a very original design and color that will have a unique surprise to give as a gift.

“They are the perfect gift to celebrate this season with your loved ones,” Cacao Lab posted on Instagram.


The Sander chocolate house already has in its windows its traditional Easter eggs of different sizes and presented in different colored wrappers.

“They are perfect to make this celebration at home meaningful!” Sander said on his Instagram account.

Le Toucan Doux

The Le Toucan Doux chocolate shop announced that it is about to release new chocolate eggs for Easter that will surprise its followers.

"Pay attention to what we bring new this year, we are sure you will love it," he announced on his Instagram account.

The Praline

The La Praline chocolate house has a wide variety of original Easter eggs to celebrate on April 9.

“Little by little Easter is getting closer and we are already savoring it bite by bite, with ingenious figures, which provide a different touch to this season.

Easter eggs and rabbits are regular guests at this celebration, but they are accompanied by other preparations, with their candid touch, of authentic innocence," La Praline reports on her Instagram.

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