Venezuelan chocolatiers are ready for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Chocolates

The Day of Love and Friendship is the date on which more chocolates are bought in Venezuela and the world to give as gifts.

For this Day of Love and Friendship, also known in the world as Valentine's Day, Venezuelan chocolatiers have ready original details made with chocolate that they already display on their social media accounts.

On this occasion, Venezuelans have at their disposal a wide variety of artisan chocolate brands to choose the best Valentine's gift made in Venezuela with pure cocoa and Venezuelan talent.

Take a look at this list that we made in Puro Chocolate of the chocolatiers that will help you choose the sweetest and most delicious gift this February 14.

Guayamuri Chocolates

The Valencian chocolate house Guayamuri designed new wrappers for its delicious dark, milk and white chocolate bars alluding to this day of Love and Friendship.

Darikü Chocolatier

This Araguan chocolatier, with its headquarters in Choroní, has some elegant little boxes with chocolates in the shape of cocoa pods for this occasion.

Sander Chocolatier

This Dutch chocolate house prepared a premium box with 50 delicious chocolates of different shapes and flavors for Valentine's Day.


Chocoregalalo, a chocolate shop from Caracas, prepared for this occasion a box of heart-shaped chocolates filled with guanabana, spicy, dark chocolate ganache and passion fruit mouse.


The Picacho chocolate shop, located in Galipán, La Guaira, prepared an attractive chocolate box with the best chocolates from its collection for this special day.


The chocolate house from Canoabo, Carabobo, Cakaonabo, created new wrappers for its delicious handmade chocolate bars.

Cocoa Chocolate

This chocolate house from Caracas designed for this day of love some delicious chocolates in the shape of lips stuffed with rum, lemon and spicy to make you fall in love.


The Caracas chocolate shop Talokoch designed original and delicious chocolate hearts filled with different flavors and sizes for Valentine's Day.


The Morella chocolate house from Caracas prepared a box of delicious low-calorie chocolates for lovers to make them fall in love and not gain weight on this day.


The Kocholatte chocolate shop from Caracas prepared different proposals for this day, among which the Kocholatte flowers, filled with brownie, Nutella and hazelnuts, stand out.


The Merida chocolate house CacaoLab devised boxes with chocolates with red hearts and a tablet also red with hearts for this occasion.

Canoabo Valley Bonbon

The Canoabo Bombon Valle Canoabo chocolate shop designed new wrappers for its delicious cookies and cream, 45% cocoa almonds and 45% cocoa crunch tablets alluding to this day of Love and Friendship.

Marakas Cocoa

The Guatemalan chocolate house Marakas Cacao created for this special day of Love and Friendship some boxes full of their delicious red and pink heart-shaped chocolates.


The Caracas chocolate shop Zisnella designed for this occasion a special edition box with four heart-shaped chocolates: two filled with strawberry and two filled with passion fruit, as well as a bag of hazelnuts covered with dark and milk chocolate.


The Cakawa chocolate house from Caracas prepared for this day a box of chocolates filled with hazelnut, orange, coffee, mint, passion fruit, coconut, among other flavors to make you fall in love.

The Praline

The Caracas chocolate shop La Praline made heart chocolates with its delicious chocolate to give away in boxes of hearts this day of love.


The Mantuano chocolate house from Caracas designed new wrappers for its delicious 62% chocolate bar with Dehydrated Cherries, specially made for this Day of Love and Friendship.

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