Venezuelan chocolate shops join Black Friday

Black Friday

Look at the offers that some of the most famous chocolatiers in the country have for this weekend for Black Friday.

In Venezuela, several chocolate houses joined the product sales party that takes place every Friday in November of each year after Thanksgiving, an American tradition.

On this day, stores and commercial chains discount all or part of their merchandise and products to receive new inventories for Christmas.

And its popularity has been so great that it has gradually begun to be celebrated in almost the entire world, including Venezuela, where many of its chocolatiers said they were present on this occasion.

Below is a list of the Venezuelan chocolate brands that have discounts on their products this Black Friday:


Zisnella's milk chocolate will have a 28% discount for Black Friday from today until Monday, November 30.


While Kocholatte will have only for this day a 30% discount on all its variety of gourmet chocolate popcorn and on its Christmas tiles.


Sander made a promotion for this day, and until Saturday, November 26, of boxes of 4 assorted chocolates.


While Franceschi reduced the price of its products in the chocolate line for confectionery by 20%.


For its part, Delirio Chocolate lowered the cost of all its products by 20% at its main headquarters, in Margarita.


While the Mozart pastry shop reduced the price of all its individual sweets by 20%.


Chocolates Guayamuri also has discounts between 20% and 40% on all its products to celebrate this shopping black Friday.

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